ListIterator <id> (Process list, Process action, <0|1>)

The last parameter is optional and specifies if the iteration must be done only when explicity activated (1) or also when the parent is activated (0). The default value is 1.


When activated, this process iterates over all of the list's items from the first to the last. On each iteration it sets the action's data to the current item and activates the action.

Predefined children



use core
use base

print_text (Process c)
  TextProperty *t = (TextProperty*) c->get_data ();
  cout << "value: " << t->get_value () << endl;  

Component root {
  List l {
    String s1 ("my text 1")
    String s2 ("my text 2")
    String s3 ("my text 3")
  NativeAction print_action (print_text, 1)
  ListIterator iter (l, print_action, 0)
  Exit _ (0, 0)